Computer Application Development & Programming

  You're viewing a working model of a Web application and linking to a Database. Objective: automate information transmission, distribution and communication with push button technology that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that coordinates efficient work flow from any where in the office, city, county, state or country with minimal training.
  I Specialize in Microsoft Application Development. Visual Basic, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Also Web Applications, User Manuals, Help Files, Training Aids and Tutorials. 
Application development is enhanced with a wealth of graphical and business experience.  I understand the term "User Friendly" and apply that development technique when given the opportunity. Able to  complete projects with minimal instruction. 
  We are available for small or large projects   Detailed resume is available to interested parties.  Computer contract under d.b.a. Anderson Telekinetic Information. Equipped for Rapid Application Development.
     The Bottom-Line is "Anderson is Cost Effective" for small or large projects. 

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