Clip Board and Copy, Cut and Paste Commands Lesson 4
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Clip Board: normally invisible and works behind the scene. Temporary storage of data that you want to move from one location to another. Exiting a program or replacing the data with another "copy" or "cut" will empty the existing clipboard data and replace it with new data.

Selection: Click on an object like a file in Explorer and it changes color normally to blue means it is selected. Data Selection: take cursor, select insertion point and hold mouse down and drag over data will select the data and change color to indicate selection.

Copy: Just duplicating.  It copies a selected object or data and puts it on the "clipboard" whether from the menu or a speed key and leaves the object or data where it is. 

Cut:  It Deletes a selected object or data and puts it on the "clipboard" whether from the menu or a speed key

Paste: Takes the data on the Clip Board and pastes that data or object where you have placed or inserted your cursor.  Placing the cursor in the right place is crucial before you paste.  If you select another object or data, the Paste command will replace it with what ever is on the clipboard. Since the data or object is still on the clipboard, you can paste in several locations if desired.

Select, Drag and Place: is a command that executes like the "Cut" and "Paste" command in one motion. Select the object or data, after selection place cursor over selection & hold the mouse down and drag it to another location indicated by a change in the cursor. Release the mouse down hold and the placing is complete. The cursor type will indicate the new location. Make sure the cursor location is correct before releasing the mouse hold. Easy to make mistakes with this method so take your time to make sure your cursor is in the right location when you release the mouse hold.  If mistake, you might go to "Edit" menu and select "Undo" in most applications. Not in Windows Explorer. You will have to find the folder the Paste actually occurred and move the file to the right location for easy look up. Visual Example is in next page.

Speed Keys: Ctrl+C=Copy, Ctrl+X= Cut & Ctrl+V=Paste are usually 
found in the menu "Edit" if you want to menu instead of speed key.

1. Speed Keys are assigned by the programmer of the application. They substitute for finding the command that is usually in a menu. These are normally universal.

2. Hold down "Ctrl" key and hit the companion key to execute the command after selection.

You now have a good understanding of the clipboard and the Copy, Cut and Paste Commands Let's look at other methods of moving objects like folders and files in Windows Explorer                    Next Lesson

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