Drag and Place in Windows Explorer (Cut and Paste in one motion)     Lesson 5
Note: "Folder" and "Directory" are the same. 
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1. Select object, Folder or file.. Place cursor over selection and hold mouse key down and drag it to another folder. Example: selected "JoeMax.doc", dragged it to the "Instruct" folder that will highlight when close. If wrong folder drag to the right folder that will highlight as you get closer to it. Once the correct folder is highlighted, release mouse hold and the cut and paste process will be complete. "JoeMax.doc" is now in the "Instruct" folder or directory.

Note: I could have dragged the file to any of the visible folders including the "Anderson" folder in the left column.

Could have selected a folder and dragged it to another folder with contents of folder that was dragged.

Can not drag a file or folder to another file, only folders.

Drag and Place in Windows with multiple selections Using "Shift" and "Ctrl" keys
Moving or deleting multiple selections in the Windows Explorer

<Left: Select in Rows: Select first file. Hold "Shift" key down and select last file in sequence. All the files in between will also be selected. You can now enter the command that would apply to all the selected files or drag and place the group as like an individual file described above in the folder of choice.. Folders with their content can be dragged to another folder of choice.

Right: Select Individually: Select first file or folder, hold "Ctrl" key down and select the other files to be included in the group to be selected for a command or drag and place in the folder of choice like individual file was in the above example

We can now move individual or group 
files in Windows Explorer
Let's find out how to make a shortcut to a file in the Windows Explorer and put it in easy reach on the desktop
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