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Lesson 6 
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1. find the "Desktop".  It is the opening screen.  Sometimes Blue, Green like mine, or with some animation or picture.  Normally has icons that can be double clicked to open a file or program.

Put cursor in an area of screen that does not have an icon underneath the cursor.

Right click your mouse will bring up a menu. Select "New" with mouse, another menu appears, select "Shortcut">>>

2. Dialog box appears for you to put the address of the file or program you want the icon that you are creating to open. It is normally to your advantage to click the "Browse" button which opens another dialog box searching for the file of interest.

Internet Shortcut. Don't Browse, just insert the complete web address like:
"" in the "command line". click "Next" and name the shortcut, click "Finsh". Can select finished icon and drag shortcut to Desktop Toolbar if you choose.

3. This Dialog box opened in Drive "C:" Note the File type at the bottom was changed to "All Files"  If you leave it as opened as "Programs" you will find only those files with ".exe" extension.

I Selected Folder marked "Anderson". and then clicked "Open" button.  Result will open that folder and it's content.>>>

4. Note: At top of dialog box the "Look in:" box now says "Anderson" folder.  I then selected "page1.doc" file in the body of the dialog box that automatically inserts that file name in the "File Name" box near the bottom.  In this case that name is "page1.doc". Next select "Open" button.>>>>>>
5. This dialog box automatically inserts the command line as "C:\Anderson\page1.doc" as the file you want to open with the short cut. If wrong, click "Browse" button go back to number 3. and re-look for correct file.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If correct, select "Next">>>>>

6. By default, the name on your icon will be the name of the file, "page1.doc".  You can accept that name or put a more descriptive name in it's place at this point.

When acceptably named, click "Finish">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

7. An Icon will appear on your "Desk Top" with a symbol associated the type of program the file needs to run.>>>>>>>>

The icon is ready to use.  You can open the file by double clicking the icon or right mouse select the icon that will open a menu that you can select "Open".

Right mouse click on icon gives you other options as well

Desktop short cuts are now no problem. Now let's see another method of creating desktop short cut from Windows Explorer.                 Next Lesson

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