Create a Short Cut by Copy From Window Explorer and paste on the Desk Top 
(Step by Step) Open Edit Menu to find copy, cut & paste or use              
Lesson 7
Speed Keys: Ctrl+C=Copy, Ctrl+X= Cut & Ctrl+V=Paste        
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1. find the "Desktop".  It is the opening screen.  Sometimes Blue or Green like mine, or with some animation or picture.  Normally has icons that can be double clicked to open a file or program.

2. Open Windows Explorer and find your file you want to  make a "Desk Top" short cut.

3. Select it by clicking on it. Like example to right. Blue means it's selected.

4. Go to "Edit" menu and select copy or speed key "Ctrl+C". The file is now on the "Clipboard". 

5. Find "DeskTop" Put cursor in an area of screen that does not have an icon underneath the cursor. You don't have a menu, so you'll have to use speed key "Ctrl+V to paste it on the "Desktop" like example on right. You're done. Details: Speed Keys & Clipboard

The need for shortcuts, organizes and simplifies your work flow.

Let's look at file types and associated programs that open them.
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Folder Shortcut: You can make folder shortcuts to files located in another folder. Why? Because the original file shouldn't be moved or is shared, but you'd like all the files you use in easy reach. By consolidating the files you use in one folder by inserting shortcuts to them means you'll only have to Create a Folder, insert shortcuts and by opening that folder, you'll have access to those files necessary to your project or work regardless of where they are, including the internet or network. Then make Desktop Shortcut to that folder and you're in business.
Create Work Folder, Select Folder, Right mouse click, select shortcut and locate file. Create "Desktop" Shortcut to folder. It's that simple. Nice package for project or work files.

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