Window 95, 98 & NT
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Open the Control panel click icon in Desktop Toolbar or go to "Start", select "Settings" Next select "Control Panel".
Example shows the Control Panel Directory marked in red square. Double click the "Display" icon to open the settings.

Note: Windows 98 has File for "Desktop Themes". It has themes for all your windows, screen saver in regard to color and screen saver you want running when your machine is idle.  Won't cover at this time as functionality is not an issue.

Display Settings: 6 Tabs
Background Tab: 
Suggest a a plain background color as a busy background may have a tendency to hide or be difficult to find a shortcut icon. Scroll and select will preview in monitor above the list. If acceptable, click OK to save or Cancel to revert to original setting.
Display Monitor Settings for Screen Resolution

"Screen area" slide determines the screen resolution. If too course or large, slide to the right one notch. If too little, slide to the left one notch. Do not select "OK" but select "Apply" to get a preview if your monitor can handle without error. You will be given 15 seconds to either say "Yes" or "No".  If no selection, the setting will revert to the original setting and allow another selection. Be aware that selecting "OK" prematurely may lock the new data into a setting that your monitor may not be programmed for, causing roll over or other strange affects that may need a technician to correct to be useable. Always preview before saving with "OK". Yes you can slide more than one notch either way, but always preview with "Apply" button.

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