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Window 95, 98 & NT
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Requirements: Modem/Phone Connected
Location: "C:\Windows\Dialer.exe"
I use a version of this utility because my dialing sucks and I have dialing errors  Oregon and other states have or are going to a mandatory 10 digit in a couple of months which means my chances of dialing the right number decreases. Plus I don't like trying to 
remember all the numbers and I also use a dial  around number for long distance.  20 digit dialing, what a pain. It's a snap with an auto dialer and never a wrong number unless your original is wrong.  
Down side
: This utility does not store related information and room for 8 phone numbers only.
Alternative Solutions:
 1. Outlook Program if you have it.
 2. Your EMail Address Book may have this feature. 

View of Phone Dialer:

"Number to dial:" has drop down list of phone numbers previously dialed in the order of last dialed first.

Buttons have the name of the person or company of the number you want to dial.  By clicking on the button, it will dial the number you installed that is associated with the name. All you have to do is pick up the receiver.

Add and Edit Names and Numbers:

Click "Edit", Select "Speed Dial..."

Select button you want to add or edit.

Note: Add: Button number 2 is selected. see heavy line around that button. It has no name or number. Insert the name you want to appear on the button. Next insert the complete "Number to dial:" and use hyphens to separate the numbers for easy review" The hyphen is for your benefit only as the program only reads numbers. Other characters will stop your connection. Click "Save"
  To Edit:
select the button with the name to be edited. The Name: box should be highlighted, if not select and type over the name you want. Same is true of the "Number". Click "Save". Your done ready to dial.
Sample Local Number: 503-585-2528
Long Distance: 1-503-585-2528
Dial Around: 10-10-636-1-503-585-2528

Be Aware: Exit Phone Dialer or click "Hang Up" button. Make sure you hang up. You need to disconnect otherwise your phone is busy. Test by picking up receiver to see if you have Dial Tone. You can execute this program by going to the Task Bar, Select Programs, Select Accessories, Select System Tools, and finally select Dialer. Or add to the Windows Desktop Toolbar as a shortcut. Click Here for instructions on Toolbar.

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