Email Forms Letters  (Outlook Express)
(Billing, Confirmation, Common Communication)     
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1. Outlook Express Email Form Construction (Eliminates redundant typing)
1. Create Folder to hold your email forms.

2. Open email, click "New Mail" button.  Insert subject, Layout your letter for easy insertion when opened later. Example shows I left the name after "Dear" to be filled in later, the amount of payment received to be filled in later, and several shipping categories that I can delete the ones not used.  The other pertinent information at the bottom that is normal in this letter. Simplifies Communications.

3. Menu "File", "Save As" an ".eml" file type in your EmailForms folder or directory with descriptive name.

4.Create a shortcut on your Desktop to the EmailForms folder or you could do individually for each email form.  If you have many for different needs, I would suggest a folder shortcut to keep them all together. Or you could create these shortcuts with the Desktop Tool Bar and create a tool bar especially for all your forms that you use. Tool Bar configuration instruction.

Test: Send to yourself, check hyperlinks for typos. Yes, these can be saved with images and attachments or set up with Web page Forms linked and saved as a email form.

Now the next time you need, click on shortcut, fill in name, amount received, delete delivery system not chosen, insert email address and send.


Email Forms with Desktop Folder Shortcut. Double click form icon, opens folder, displays form files, double click the file you want, opens Outlook Express (if it is your default mail program) with the form ready to be edited and sent.  In this case, I opened my folder named "Reply" and then double clicked my email file form that opened in Express.  
Shortcut instructions begin with lesson 3

It's really that simple when you open the .eml file, it automatically opens Outlook Express New Mail with your form, ready to be edited.  Try it, you'll like it. You don't have to do all that repetitive typing in those communications that can be standardized.  If in email business, it's a must. NOTE: Saving a sent email will not be available to edit as it is compiled in original form. If sent form is to be used as a form letter, necessary to copy data, insert in New Mail, edit and then saved as form email type.

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