Email Attachment that you can't open
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1. Okay, you have email and an internet connection probably running in either Microsoft I-Explorer or Netscape browser.
2. With your Email, you should see either an icon or a box under subject allocated to attachment with data. Find something that refers to the attachment. Example to right>>>>
3. Once found, Select it with your right mouse button.  A menu will open, select "Open".
4. Normally, your Internet default browser will open the attachment that has an extension of ".html" or ".htm".  Other extensions apply to other programs you may have or not.  If you're surfing the web, you have a browser that opens "html" documents or pages so you can read them if you email editor won't.
5. Whoa! Your browser didn't open it and you got this strange dialog box that asks you what program you want to open this with. 
6. Don't panic.  Scroll down until you get to the browser of choice which is normally IExplore or Netscape. Other browsers in use, find their program by scrolling. When found select with mouse, uncheck box and click "OK"
7. See the "Check" box under the scrolling list box. If you are unsure this is the correct program "Uncheck" the box and click "OK" If you are wrong, the program will tell you that you can't open that file with this program and no harm is done. Should get this same dialog box back. If not, Go back to #3 and start again and select another program until you find the right one. Testing like this, you have to remember to "Uncheck" the box each time.
8. Once found, go to #3 and do again, but this time "Check" the box. Your computer will store this info and make that program your default program to open "html" or "htm" files every time you want to open an attachment that has these extensions.
Example of Email Attachment: Right Mouse Click attachment, when menu appears, select "Open". Default Internet Browser should open the ".html" extension file. If you get a strange dialog box labeled "Open With" see Number 5 for instruction

Example of making Netscape browser your default browser to open "html" and "htm" files

Example of making Microsoft I-Explorer browser your default browser to open "html" and "htm" files.


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