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Print Options available to User after installation
Window 95, 98 & NT
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Print Command by menu "File", select "Print" or Speed Key "Ctl+P" will execute print command as illustrated. Options will differ with each program but similar.
1. "Name" refers to the name of Printer you will use. Shared printers will normally have multiple printers that may have different print options: 8.5x11, another 11x17, or a CAD printer that's listed and connected through the drop box selector. The printer assigned will be the default printer or the one that is displayed when a print command is invoked. If need for a different printer, select here.
2. Print Range by default is "All". Check "Pages From" if a print range is needed. Check "Selected Record(s) if you want to print only the record showing as in a database. Other options may include even and odd pages if duplex (both sides of paper) printing is to be achieved
3. Check "Collate" if you want to print in sequence. 
4. "Number of Copies" by default is "1". Change to the number of copies you really want.
5. Print to file if you want an electronic file of print job.

Select "Setup"  for page information changes and confirmations
1."Margins" Tab indicates the page margins set by default. Change default setting in menu "File" select "Page Setup" and then click "Default" button which makes those settings the default ones.. You can change margins here for this print job only. Minimum margins are .25 inches. If set below minimum the program will alert you to change

"Columns" tab allows you set up columns and rows for records that are smaller than Page size and can print multiple records same page.
1. Inserting a number above "1" for number of columns will allow you to select "Column Layout" choices.
2. "Row Spacing"  is spacing between Records rows, top to bottom.
3. "Column Spacing" is spacing between Record columns, left to right.
4. Column Size" that exceeds 50% of page width will push the next record to another page.
5. "Column Layout" choice of record sequence layout as illustrated.

Clicking "Properties" button on command page illustrates options.
1. By Default, "Page size" is letter size or 8.5 inches by 11 inches. If other, select proper size or envelope by scrolling.
2. "Orientation" refers page print. "Portrait" is 8.5 inches wide and 11" tall "Landscape" is 11 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall.
3. "Paper Source" refers to default normal feed, hand feed paper, hand feed envelopes, etc.
4. "More Options" refers to printers configurations and probably be set by technicians to get optimal use from the printer.

Printer folder shortcut available normally on Desktop Toolbar or from Task bar select "Settings", select "Printers". Lists printers configured for and connected to your computer. 
Icon symbolizes shared or personal connections. Right click selection, menu, select properties, give you the individual property setting of that printer. Double click Icon will open the print sessions of that printer.. see below.

Printing Status of Lexmark Optra R Series
Shows all the print jobs that are in printers queue  or in order of request if more than one. Status reports order, and if problems of printer. In this case, the status indicates "Out of Paper". Some interpretation is needed. Actually the printer was turned off in this case and would probably display this message if the printer had wrong size paper, turned off or actually out of paper.

Print documents in Error
Print documents that show data error, need to be deleted. Select print job that needs to be deleted, select menu "Printer" select "Purge Print Documents" should purge just the selected job and begin printing the jobs still in queue. The job deleted should be resubmitted. If  showing error on second submission, suspect document corruption.

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