Stationary: Microsoft Outlook Express  Method     
Window 95, 98 & NT
Location: Created in Outlook Express New Mail
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationary\
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Stationary is a web page or html document, associated pictures stored in the Stationary folder listed above. You can create with html editor and then save in the above folder which connects to the email menu "Message using...."  These instructions are for those that have no alternative to creating in email new messages.

Background: MS Stationary requires a background picture to be saved as stationary. The picture normally a jpg or gif file can be singular, horizontally, vertically or whole page tiled. Tiled means that the picture is repeated. Bmp pictures are avoided because of excessive memory size. Tiling is more efficient transmission than a solid picture. It's like selecting a special paper to put your art work on or a pre printed template to add text and other pictures. If you use a single logo for your background, you must understand that the picture will be inserted in the left upper most corner of the background. If you need spacing you will have to add it to the top and left side of the picture while in your paint program before saving. No spacing available for a background.  No background, we'll have to go a different direction. See alternatives.  
Create and Edit Art Click Here for instructions/Sample.
Foreground or Body: Add text, define styles and sizes. Create margins for the text to run in, and set up like a form letter with beginning, paragraph  returns and ending. Keep in mind that the recipient must have the designated typestyles and dingbat fonts on their machine or it will revert to their default fonts.  Most default fonts are either Times New Roman or Mac users have Times.  If you use Arial which is the most likely on PCs, Mac users will see Times because their equivalent to Arial is Helvetica which PCs normally don't have.  When stationary is called, it will have all the background, pictures and text in the saved file.  The paragraph returns allows space that you insert unique data.  Greeting Cards, Business Stationary and Form letters can be created. When adding text to existing stationary will create a unique message and won't affect the saved stationary unless your override the original.

How to Create Stationary 
1. Copy the pictures you will use for your background and Body to the above Stationary Folder. Instructions to create and edit art Click Here

Open Outlook Express:
Next Select: "New Mail"

On New Message Form 
Select Menu "Format", 
then select "Rich Text (HTML)".

Reselect Menu "Format", 
then select "Background". It's above "Rich Text (HTML)" selection. 


Select the background picture you want to use.
The drop down menu will list all the pictures in the Stationary Folder. Pick the one you added for Background and click "OK" button. Your picture will be tiled on your background. I selected "Baby News Bkgrd.gif" for my background
(They should be in alphabetical order)

View of background addition. 
After OK button clicked from previous form.
 Cursor when entered, is placed in top left corner. Paragraph down to pink area to add text.  Like  "Dear" Leave blank to have name inserted later. paragraph down and start the beginning of announcement like: "I want to let you know that we are the proud parents of etc, etc." After entering your text, go back and select the text you want to size, style, align and color for effect. When done, Click menu "File", select "Save As Stationary", name file like "BirthNotice" in the Stationary Folder as above. Background and styles are saved ready for use. Before saving you may want to include "Johnny's Birth Announcement" in the "subject" box so you won't have to retype on every one you send out.

Get Created Stationary
If saved in the correct folder, menu "Message", select "New Using", your new form should be listed where :"1 Brick" is residing and read "1. BirthNotice". If not, click on "Select Stationary" and find your file in the Stationary Folder. Once you find your file and open it, all you have to do is insert the email address, add to the "Dear" name that will look like "Dear Mary" and send. If you don't save the edited form, the original form will display each time it is called and should be in the number 1 position on the list ready for multiple use and able to personalize each with very little effort.

Add a picture with your text over the background is a paint program technique of using transparent pixels or blending with background.  Click Here for art transparency instructions. 
Email Business Forms with Logo, Letterhead and salutations, billing, confirmation, etc.. 

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