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Window 95, 98 & NT
Location: Created in Outlook Express New Mail Wizard
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Stationary is a web page or html document, associated pictures stored in the Stationary folder listed above. You can create in html editor and then save in the above folder which connects to the email menu "Message using...."  These instructions are for those that only have "Outlook Express New Messages" to create in.

Background: MS Stationary requires a background picture to be saved as stationary. The picture normally a jpg or gif file can be singular, horizontally, vertically or whole page tiled. Tiled means that the picture is repeated. Bmp pictures are avoided because of excessive memory size. Tiling is more efficient transmission than a solid picture. It's like selecting a special paper to put your art work on or a pre printed template to add text and other pictures. If you use a single logo for your background, you must understand that the picture will be inserted in the left upper most corner of the background. If you need spacing you will have to add it to the top and left side of the picture while in your paint program before saving. No spacing available for a background.  No background, we'll have to go a different direction. See alternatives.   Foreground or Body: Add text, define styles and sizes. Create margins for the text to run in, and set up like a form letter with beginning, paragraph  returns and ending. Keep in mind that the recipient must have the designated typestyles and dingbat fonts on their machine or it will revert to their default fonts.  Most default fonts are either Times New Roman or Mac users have Times.  If you use Arial which is the most likely on PCs, Mac users will see Times because their equivalent to Arial is Helvetica which PCs normally don't have.  When stationary is called, it will have all the background, pictures and text in the saved file.  The paragraph returns allows space that you insert unique data.  Greeting Cards, Business Stationary and Form letters can be created. When adding text to existing stationary will create a unique message and won't affect the saved stationary unless your override the original.

How to Create Stationary with Wizard
1. Copy the pictures you will use for your background and Body to the above Stationary Folder. 

Open Outlook Express:
Select: "New Mail"

Image 2

On New Message Form 
Select Menu "Format", 
then select "Rich Text (HTML)".

Reselect Menu "Format", 
then select "Background". It's above "Rich Text (HTML)" selection


Image 3

Click "Create New" button will execute the Stationary Wizard


Form 1 is Introduction
"Next" button gives Form 2 View 
1.I selected from the drop down menu of picture "Christmas Trees.gif". 
2. Selected Position top left and "Do Not Tile" as I only wanted 1 tree logo. Could Have the tree tiled horizantally, vertically or fill the whole page. 
3. Color, chose "Default" color which is white. Preview on right. Click "Next"

Form 3 Choose Font you want to use
1. I selected "Comic Sans MS" as being common with machines having Microsoft products. Other machines will display in their default font, probably "Times" or Times Roman New" 
2. Size 10 point, Black Color, Bold. Preview right side. Click "Next"

Form 4 Choose Margins
1. I kept the default left margin and left it "0" 
2. The default "Top Margin" is on top of the background picture so by adding numbers to the "Top Margin", I moved the text off the picture.  185 pixels to move the text below the background picture as shown in the preview on the right. Click "Next"

Form 5 Choose Descriptive Name
Named file "ChristmasLogo". Click "Finish" will return to Image 3 above except this file will be in "File name" box.. Click "OK" will open this file in edit form to add text, size and change to be Stationary form as your artistic mood dictates. When done with changes, Select menu "File", select "Save As Stationary" if you want to save the form with the new data input, a Dialog form will ask for name to be "Save As", select from files displayed "ChristmasLogo.htm" if you don't want just a background and want the data also included, click "Save". Select "Yes" I want to replace the file that just has the background. 

See Image 3: look at menu "Message", "New Using" where "1 Brick" is now, will be replaced with this file name including the text that you added. This list starts with the last stationary used and moves others down one number. If not on the list select "Select Stationary" as in image 2, gives you image 3 to select the file in the Stationary Folder.

Now Practice: it doesn't matter what images you use, just create and save one stationary form from start to sending a test to your own mailbox.
This procedure creates a simple html document. Need to have test next to logo would require this to be added in a paint program and be part of the picture or use an html editor to create additional affects.  Navigator 4.51 mail program has a more versatile editing program and is normally free for the downloading. If you like, the Navigator creation can be saved in the above Stationary folder to be used with Outlook Express.

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