Hi Jerry;
Thanks to your tutorial, I have developed a little form letter, with a
lovely pink background & scrollwork stationery :) that I can send to my Ebay
customers at the end of each auction.  Of course, I knew there was a way to
do this, but just didn't know how.

Talk to ya later,


I love your windows 98 teach yourself.

I'm using it to train a customer in Windows 98 (I left your copyright and
info on it).

Just fyi,

Linda   (Technology Trainer)


I am a teacher who came across a web site designed by you with a Windows
Tutorial.  I need to tell the professor a great web site for learning
Windows as I am taking a Data Processing Course.  Could I use your website's
name and address?  Please tell me the URL so that it will steer him to it.



I found your site the other day on trouble shooting and really liked it.
 Unfortunately I thought I bookmarked it and didn't. Could you give me your
I would like to use it with my elementary school tech club.
Sue (Teacher)

Excellent website for beginners and advanced too. Do you have activities for each lesson as you have in lesson one? I need the practice. Thank you!
Vivian (Teacher)