Trouble Shooting General
Window 95, 98 & NT
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Desktop Icon Disappeared
1.  The first place to look for it is in your Recycle Bin. If there, restore.  When power use is employed, you may accidentally click on the desktop. By default, desktop selects last icon used. Any key movement may delete the shortcut. 
  2.You may have accidentally dragged it to your desktop Toolbar or in windows 98 to the Quick Launch bar. Drag it back if it's on the Quick Launch. If on the Toolbar, you'll have to delete thru the customize menu.
  3. Create a new shortcut.
Program is taking forever to get done.
1. The program may have met a conflict and locked up. Employ Soft boot (Ctl+Alt+Delete). Find your program in the list and scroll to the end of that finding.  If it reads "Not Responding", select, click "End Task". Restart program. More than likely what you did, was not saved. You may want to practice saving your work at least every 30 minutes if the program does not have an auto save feature. Or # 2.
  2. Your calculations may be extensive and you have minimum RAM plus a slow computer with a program that has heavy memory needs.  Add more RAM if getting a faster machine is out of the question or put up with it being slow.
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin. It may be overloaded and avoid power use and multi-tasking. Exit all windows other than the one you are using. Reducing the number of fonts that are listed in your Windows\Fonts folder to just what you need to free more RAM to handle your program are alternatives.

Shared Printer won't print my document. 
Shared printers normally have a master computer controlling the print jobs and will put your request in queue or the order the request came in. If the printer is printing, it is likely that your turn in line has not been reached.  If the printer is idle, it is likely a printing error has occurred locking up the queue order for everyone.  You can open your Printer Panel and check to see if it's your print job that is error.  In any case, check with person who has the computer that controls the printer, and have him remove the job that is creating the error and resume printing. Worst case scenario is that you have to resubmit your print request through your computer. Printer User Instructions
My Printer won't print my document. 
1. Open your Printer Panel to see if an error occurred. If so, delete request and resubmit.  If something is wrong with the printer, you should get an error message like you're out of paper, the machine isn't on, or the Order required a different size paper than what's in the machine.
  2. Your printer may only have 1 meg of memory and you are asking it to print a complex graphical page that is 3 megs in size such as a large bmp file. The printer has to stop and swap or spool from the computer that may take some time. Wait for it to complete it's task, or install more memory into your printer. There is also a relationship  of the speed of your computer to feed the printer. Waiting is the price you pay for having a slow machine that's trying to do a large job.  Printer User Instructions

How do I get the font file I just downloaded to display in my programs.
1.Fonts are normally downloaded in a compressed file form as a ".zip" or ".exe" file. You need to inflate the file to get to the useable ".ttf" format of the font. Instructions to unzip Click Here. If the font has a ".ttf" extension, you're ready to install.
2.The process of installing your font is simple. Open Windows Explorer and find the ".ttf" file you want to install. Select, Copy, Find C:\Windows\Fonts Folder, Select "Fonts" Folder and Paste. Then open Windows\Fonts folder and visually find the font you just pasted. There may be a short delay as the Windows program is installing and alphabetizing the font in the cpu's registry. But as soon as it appears, your other programs will find as well. You may need to select menu "View", select "Refresh" or exit Windows Explorer and restart and Find the font in Windows\Fonts folder or directory. If not able to find, suspect that you pasted the font file in the wrong folder. If so, Select, Cut and Paste in the right folder.
How do I get the font file I have on Disc to display in my programs.
1. Open Windows Explorer, Open the drive for your disc, Find the Font you want to install. You may have to employ the Windows Find Utility if the disc has a large directory. Once found make sure the extension is ".ttf". (If zip or exe, it is compressed and need to inflate. Instructions to unzip Click Here.) 
2. Go to step 2. left side instructions. 
How do I get the font file I received in my email to display in my programs.
With Email open, Select attachment, right mouse click and select "Save As" to folder you store your downloads in. Handle Like download instructions on left.

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