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My Concern here is to enable you to open a compression file that you've received either by attachment to email, downloaded from the web or from another source. If it is self extracting, all you have to do is open and it will inflate or expand with it's own little program.  If you have WinZip installed on your cpu Click Here if you need instructions.  Pkunzip.exe is shareware and is used to inflate or expand a zip compressed file only.  If you need to  compress and/or make a zip file self extracting, there are two programs available: WinZip at for $29 to register, that compresses and inflates zip files. Making Self Extracting zip files is an additional $49.  PKWare, the originator of the zip program is $39 for a registered application which includes making self extracting files as I read it. is their domain and downloading site.  Both are quite versatile and unzip as well.

Compressed files are presented to you to download in two forms: ".zip" and ".exe". It can be any kind of a file like a text file, database file, pictures, fonts etc.  1. ".zip" means you have to have some way to unzip if you are to use.  2. ".exe" is normally a compressed file that is self extracting. All you have  to do is open and it will automatically inflate. 
Note: exe stands for executable and could be a program and not a compressed file self extracting. Read what you are downloading to know.

Cheap Old fashion DOS Way
Let's Download a zip file from the web. 
1. First, Let's create a folder for all the files we are going to use in the process in one folder to make it easy. Call the folder: "Zip" and make it a sub folder of "C" drive.
2. This happens to be a font file named "".  It means I need a program to unzip or inflate and make it a workable file. Knowing it was a font file and the name extension was ".exe", I would know it was self extracting and I could put it in any folder and open it. Now let's save this file to disk at C:\Zip

3. Next download Unzip.exe to C:\Zip  Click Here Choose: "Run this program from it's current location". Download destination: C:\Zip. Don't have, it will create with "OK".  Size 63 Kb. It should be a quick download, small file. Download Problems: Click Here for Options.
4. Open Windows Explorer and open C:\Zip folder. It should be exactly like the picture below with the zip file you downloaded and in this case for me it was "" instead of "" as above.
5. Next click "Start" button, Select "Run" and type in "Command" and press "Enter" key. This opens the MS DOS prompt to the same directory as your Windows Explorer. On the black screen of the Prompt should be a blinking white line next to C:\Zip> Type "Pkunzip" then press "Enter" key.
Note: Where C:\Zip> in the image above, you added the command "Pkunzip" and executed with the "Enter" key. The program inflated the compressed files of "Sam's Dingbats No1.ttf" and an associated file "Font.txt" in the Windows Explorer. The ".ttf" file happens to be a font file.  To use, all you have to do is cut or copy and paste in  "C:\Windows\Fonts" folder.  All text programs will be able to select "Sam's Dingbats No1.ttf" as a font. If other type, cut or copy and paste in a folder of choice. It's inflated and ready to use. If you do not open the Windows Explorer to the Zip folder first, then the DOS Prompt directory will be wrong and have to be changed to the directory listed. 
It's important to be able to inflate zip files if you want to use them.

Download Options: Netscape "Smart Download" gave me problems. Internet Explorer no problem.
1. Disengage Smart Download. If Smart Download is not working for you, click "Advance" on Smart Download, next form has two check marks on bottom, uncheck second line from bottom, exit Smart Download, Exit Netscape Navigator, Restart Netscape Navigator and new setting will apply and let you download normally through Windows download program.
2. Open Internet Explorer that is included with Windows 95 & 98 and use that browser to download from this page. Or Get someone with I-Explorer to download to a floppy that you can copy and install to C:\Zip
3. Go to and download their shareware unzip file to C:\Zip
4. It too confusing email us and we will email the unzip executable file for a $2 service charge or snail mail a floppy with the unzip executable file for $3 shipping and handling.  The more you use the computer, the more necessary it is to be able to inflate files that you receive that are compressed, especially in the common ".zip" format.
5. Specify your problem, we will include in our  frequently asked questions section, so others may benefit: Email

Now practice: Download a font file from the web. Save in "C:\Zip" folder and go through the steps as outlined. It's rather easy. If you have WinZip on your computer, you might want to see WinZip Instructions. Click Here for instructions.

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