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Purpose of this page is to instruct the use of the program WinZip, a compression file utility for Windows. Downloading zip files from the web instructions is illustrated in DOS Zip Inflation Page  Click Here Definitions, and File Types are also available in the DOS Zip Inflation Page. Available as a trial or registered. Register costs $29 will  compress and inflate (unzip) files. Additional program that makes a zip file self executable is $49 with an advantage that you can send a compressed file to anyone with windows and they can open even though they don't have a utility that will inflate a zip file. It does it automatically. Click Here to go to to download WinZip Utility.

Don't know if your computer has WinZip? 

Type in winzip in your "Find" utility. If you have it, will be listed  "winzip32.exe"

Creating a Compressed file with WinZip:
Select "New Icon", dialog form opens for you to name a new "Archive" which means a file that your want your compressed files to reside in and select the folder you want the file to be in. After naming and cllicking "OK" button, another dialog box will open for you to select the file or files you want to compress and put in the new zip file. Select file, Click "Add" button and that file is included in the zip file. Want more than one file in this zip file, Click "Add" Icon, dialog box appears for you to select the second file. Multiple selections in the same folder, same procedure as in Windows Explorer Selection outlined in Lesson 5. After multiple selection, click "Add" button on dialog form. Your done. The files are compressed.

Unzip or inflate a Compressed file with WinZip:
Click "Open" Icon in above image, dialog box will appear for you to find  the zip file you want to open. Below, I selected "", next click "Open" button.

Note: all the files that were in the "" file are listed in the WinZip window. Select a file or all of them, Click "Extract" Icon, dialog box asks which folder do you want them extracted, inflated to. Click "OK" button after folder selection and your done. To Review a file before extracting: select file and double click will preview the file of choice. You can then save that file as is or edit as you see fit. The file is inflated but not Saved.

Make zip file self extracting: Click "Open" Icon, dialog box, select zip file you want to make self extracting, click "OK" button. WinZip window will load with selected zip file, (below) click menu "Actions", select " Make.Exe File" and follow dialog box directions. It's that easy. Your done ready to send or install for others to download or put on a floppy and send if the compressed file now fits on a floppy.

Now practice: find a file to compress, compress, and then make it self extracting

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