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The purpose of Lesson 1-11  is to give the user basic information for file control and is designed for the novice or beginner.  Like any video game, there are levels you have to learn before you are to be successful at the higher levels. Moving, creating, and finding folders/directories and files, including the use and creation of shortcuts both on the desktop, toolbars and in folders are fundamental for you to understand your applications or programs and how they are an intricate part of the Windows filing system and aid work flow.    (15 minute lessons)                               
After completing a lesson test yourself. "Hands on" is essential or you really don't learn. Created self testing for lesson 1 only. Need feedback if beneficial to include in other lessons as well. jerry@proseals.net                                                                                
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Beginners Windows 95, 98 & NT Instructions                                     Testimonials
Lesson 1 Desktop The opening Screen
Lesson 2 Window Tree Structure: Diagram of Directories and files
Lesson 3 Create Folders and Files: Expanding Directories
Lesson 4 Copy, Cut and Paste Files, Folders, Directories
Lesson 5 Select, Drag & Place in Windows Explorer
Lesson 6 Create Desktop Shortcut: From Desktop position
Lesson 7 Create Desktop Shortcut in Windows Explorer
Lesson 8 Type of File:  Defining  type of file and the role of file extensions
Lesson 9 Type of File Use: Influences of type of file
Lesson 10 Find Utility Introduction of essential tool to find files or folders
Lesson 11 Find Utility Details of queries and wildcards
Windows: Folder Shortcuts  Why, the need, how to create and use for organized work flow.
Windows: Desktop Toolbar Customizing and use  Organized Shortcuts on Desktop Instructions
Windows: Display Panel  Change Screen Resolution and Background
Windows: Printer Settings by User Purging Print Jobs in error and setting page margins.
Windows: Copy and Save Web Art step by step instructions to copy and save web art.
Windows: Zip Files:Open Compressed files with what you have, DOS Prompt Program

Window Accessories: (step by step instructions with illustrations)
Recycle Bin Safety Net Important to dump the garbage
Auto Phone Dialer: Automatically dials your phone & eliminates remembering, miss dialing
Calculator:  Where is it and suggestions for shortcuts to it.
Character Map: What key to acquire a foreign character, dingbat, or sort from a type font.
Windows Paint Program  Instruction on tools, step by step editing illustrations & web copy
EMail Instructions: (step by step instruction with illustrations)
Attach a File to your Email For I-Explorer & Navigator Browsers, their mail forms.
Email Attachment, Can't Open "How To" instruct your computer's Net browser to open "html" files
Stationary Outlook Express Create your own Email Stationary
Stationary Outlook Express Wizard  Create your own Email Stationary using the Wizard
Stationary Navigator 4.51 Mail Create your own Email Stationary with Navigator Browser
Stationary: Create Art and Backgrounds instructions: foreground, background, transfer images
Email Forms: Create & Save Outlook Express   Billing, Shipping, Business Communications Forms
Print Web Page
Print Web Page Settings  Page Setup and Printing set up suggestions and examples

Program Instructions: (step by step instructions with illustrations)
WinZip Compression Utility to reduce size of files for storage, sending and mobility
MS Gif Animator: Animate your images, pictures for Stationary, Greeting Cards & html documents

Trouble Shooting: Windows Tips and common questions
Mouse: Not performing well
Font Installation: Fonts downloaded, attached to email or on disc
Printer Won't Print Shared printer and Personal Printer solutions

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