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Purpose of page is to show you how to animate gif files
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Create Animated Picture with gif files       Click Here for web Copy instructions.

Create or find an image.
I found these eyes in a magazine article. Scanned in as bmp, sized and overlaid the eyes for a match. Where it didn't match, I cloned the first and pasted in on the second image. Saved as gif file.  Cartoons are a lot easier. Images are everywhere. Offsetting, flipping  and rotating images all give movement. Now let's animate.

Open Microsoft Gif Animator.
Don't have?
Download: Click Here
Microsoft offers this as Freeware.
Self extracting zip file 1.03 megabytes. Be patient, it's worth it and it's Free.
"Animation" Tab
1. Prepare the gif files you want to animate and store in one folder. This animation has two gif files or images.
2.Click Open File Icon 2nd from left, Find the first file you want and click OK. To add the 2nd file, click the + (plus) icon and find the 2nd file, Click OK and the file will insert in frame #1 and move the first choice to frame #2. If not in correct sequence, select the frame which shows a blue border around it after selection, click up arrow. One click of up arrow will move the frame up one and the replaced frame will move down one. I checked looping and inserted 4 for my repeated count before stopping. For continual looping, check "Repeat Forever". "Trailing Comment" is for copyright and creation notations. I duplicated first image in Frame #3 because when it stopped, I wanted the eye open and it stops on the last frame of the sequence.

Image" Tab Settings
1.Image is 165 pixels wide and 144 pixels tall. 
2. They are all the same size so "Left" and top settings are "0" by default. Keeping this simple to begin with, I'll cover smaller image settings in later lesson and reason for smaller images. 
3. Frame #2 is selected and inserted duration at 50, which is 1/2 of a second. 100 is one second. Frame #1 was set at 200 and Frame #3 was set at 100.
4. "Transparency is not selected, so I don't have to select a transparent color. Cover this in later lesson.
5. I'm ready to preview and see if my settings are what I want. If not, stop the preview and go back and select the frames you want to change the settings to make faster or slower. To Preview, Click diamond button pointing to the right to run animation.
6. Save grouping by Clicking multiple save icon, 5th from left button. The animation is now package as one gif file, ready to run in Stationary or html document when installed.
Note: This was designed to go on a white background for seamless viewing as the image background is not transparent and is white.

View of finished animated eye. Copy, Save and open in MS Gif Animator, Review and change the settings and then preview to see the effects of the settings. 
You can edit any animated gif file you find on the web as well in the same manner.

Respect copyrighted material. This image is set to run forever so you can see the effects of the animation. I wanted a flirtatious wink not a blink. Did I succeed?

Practice:  Copy, Save my animated gif example. Open it with MS Gif Animator to see the construction and settings and then insert it on your email stationary. 
This program is limited to gif format picture images.  There are animators for other images like jpg and bmp but they want about $49 for their program.  The key is the quality of your paint program saving a gif file, not the animator program. If you have the money, buy a better paint program like Adobe Photoshop.
  Click Here for instructions to copy and save art.   Next page for Transparency and odd size images

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