Maintenance of Rubber Stamps

Lubrication: I use Vasoline to lubricate. Clean and easy and a little dab will do you.  Hand Machines, don't be afraid to smear more than normal to make sure the lubrication gets into the rails and moving parts and be sure not to miss the stem that goes into the handle.  Wipe excess off with tissue. Once a year should be enough for most and semi annual for heavy use.
Check dates on year dater to anticipate date replacement.
Storing or Not in Use: 
 Machines normally have 3 positions: 
die plate on pad,  
2. half way lock when not in use  
die plate open or in position to repair, replace or make impression.  

Locking mechanism on Ideals normally in the handle, push-pull lever aligned with notch in handle plunger.  Triumph, Cosco and Eagle Zypher normally on side of yoke, flip flop notch key

Clean die plate with a little water with finger to remove any lint, dust or dirt that may accumulate once a year should be sufficient whether on a machine or used with an ink pad.

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