Trouble Shooting Rubber Stamp Problems by Anderson Graphic Division
After 20 years plus in the Rubber Stamp business, I feel I can pass-on my experiences. No guarantees or warrants implied and use this information at your own risk.             Simple Answers

Ink Questions: How to ink Ideal 50, 100, 200 and 300 Self Inking Machines 
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Sticky Impression
Un-Uniform impression (dark and light or none in part)
Blurry Impression
Can I use other brand inks
Over-inked pad. How can I correct.
Machine Problem Date Band Problems: Broke, out of date, hard to rotate
Date Not printing
Ideal Machine is not rotating correctly
Replace Date Bands
Have metal dater but die plates are no longer applicable How can I re-use
Maintenance Lubrication
Storing (when not in use)

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