The Pages are designed like a catalog with a General table of contents on the left. Click on the section you would like to view. You will either view a sub-directory that will give you a detail list of the products that are offered or go direct to the section that applies.  The "Anderson Logo" will return you to the original Table of Contents & Home Page to view the other categories of interest.

Note: The Introduction Page also has the availability to go to specific sections by clicking on the icons or picture hot spots.   Most images and words with underlines will refer you quickly to the subject matter.  Your cursor should change to a hand figure when a hot spot is detected. The body type is common Ariel, and Times Roman normally installed on PCs and configured for Full Page, 14" monitor with 640x480 resolution.  Images may suffer from a course resolution and improper color settings for your monitor.  You may want to reset your display setting to correspond if you are getting unsatisfactory results.

 Order Forms have default settings trying to anticipate your entry. Review the settings and if in error, reselect the correct setting or type in the text that is appropriate for your order. This is an attempt to simplify form entry.  After reviewing the entries, select "Submit Order".   A "Confirmation Page" will appear with the details of your order. Print a copy for your record.  We then analyze the order and will e-mail you a return confirmation by the close of the same working day.  If you don't have e-mail capabilities, borrow a friend's e-mail address and check with them the next day for confirmation of the order. If confirmation is not received, reorder and note in the "delivery to" box Second Request
   Since this program is installed on my computer as well, any phone inquiry will allow me to view exactly what you are viewing and give me the opportunity to direct you or discuss a topic of your interest visually.
    I would like your comments on any improvements that this program is lacking to make it easier for you or the public to navigate through or understand.

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