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Seals Discounted: $19.95 + 3.95 Postage Total $23.90
Add additional line that's not part of the seal, add to same stamp mount:
( Suggest:   "Expires Dec. 31, 20___" ) is $3 in a line box below Seal
Seals not on list,  scan copy of Specifications and Likeness
preferrably in JPG format sent to 
Stamp shipped within 3 working days of order 1st Class US Postal   Catalog
Computer Electronic Digital Seals with Stamp order $6.95 or $9.95 With Out Same Day Service 

Format Recommendations

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Order Computer Electronic Seal for exact replica of Seal - only $6.95 with Seal Order.    60% use as main seal and use the Rubber Stamp as a back up.   Recommendation on best format Click Here
Electronic Seal via Email - Same Day
Select Typestyle Dominance preference

Complete Delivery Address and include Business Name & Suite if shared building. 
Postal return eminent if address confusion is present.
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