Simple Rubber Stamp Order
Stamp sent within 3 days of order 1st Class US Postal.
S&H Cost: Add $3.95 for Self Inking
 Sample of Styles to choose from   (about typewriter size)

           (Helvetica)                            (Times)                      (Cursive)
Choose one of thesstyles

Calculate Cost Click Here Long lines figure 3" width, short 2" width, count lines
  Center Alignment          Left Alignment
If Self Inking, Select Color:
Change only if Self Inker wanted
Type text as you want it to appear on stamp. (capitalize where wanted)

Send to the same address on stamp     Quantity:

Complete Delivery Address and communication information:
If above box checked, omit optional, address & City State Zip unless
you feel it would be beneficial or different than above.

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PAYMENT via Credit Card before order is valid

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 Amount    Payment Credit Card Only via PayPal online. 
    Invoice will be sent upon receipt of the order via email

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