COMPANY or CORPORATE  Seal Sample - Discount $19.95
To the best of my knowledge, all states leave the the corporation seal design to the discretion of the corporation leadership that include certain elements outlined by each state.  We offer generic samples for $19.95 that include those elements if specified OR will design per your specifications for an additional  minimum $5. See some optional design elements that you may want to consider Click Here
Computer Electronic Digital Seals with Stamp order $6.95 or $9.95 With Out Same Day Service 
Format Recommendations

Generic Corporation Seal
Style 1
- 1 5/8 "
Generic Corporation Seal
Style 2
- 1 5/8 " 
Generic Corporation Seal
Style 3
- 1 5/8 "
Thick Rope and Dot Circles
Sealtext lettering
In-Line Circle & Square dot Circle
Bookman/Xerox lettering
 50 Stars and Stripes
Quorum Lettering
Style D  1 5/8 " Style E  1 5/8 " Style F  1 5/8 "
Thin Rope & Square Dot Circles
Solid Stars
Solid Rope & Square Dot Circles
Solid Stars
Gear & Square Dot Circles
Solid Stars
Style G  1 5/8 " Style H  1 5/8 "
Scallop with double line insert & Dot Inner Circle, Solid Stars Thin Perforated with
Dot inner Circle Open Star

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