Design A Seal   Borders, Centers, Lettering and design discussion
These are examples and numbered in case you care to reference them in your design rather than trying to describe. You are not limited to those shown.  These however, do give you an opportunity to see a completed example.                  

Circles - Outer and Inner
D1 Formal thick thin double line See California SealsCorporate Seals
D2,D3 & D4 resemble imprint of a crimper/embosser.(Thin, Medium, Heavy) See Illinois Seals, Louisiana Seals
D5  Thin Rope designs for outer and inner circles See Michigan Seals, Corporate Seals
D6 Thick rope design heavy Western influence,  Corporate Seals Thick
D7 Solid rope design thin formal.   See Corporate Seals
D8 Solid rope design thin knobby.  A little more formal and acceptable inner circle
D9 Solid rope design thick knobby. See Texas Seals
D10 Scalloped edging common on University and other school seals.  See Corporate Seals
D11 Formal Gear design, mechanical businesses like engineering See Washington Seals for heavy gear border
D12 Small Points, common with gold seals embossed applied to documents.  See Massachusetts. Seals
D13 Points on Compass design settings used by Land Surveyor.  See Texas Seals
D14 Turbine design, inference of speed, change, forward motion. See Corporate Seals
D15  50 Star Circle, definitely inner circle, notably reference to the 50 states and patriotism. See Colorado Seals
Chain represents unity, security, strength but is often taken negatively as slavery, bondage. Not recommended.
Circle Simple Circle is available as well but lacks character in my opinion
Shapes other then Circle: Normal Seals are circular in design but not limited to that format. Uniform and irregular shapes including ovals, rectangles, squares are used as well including state and county outlines for both outer and inner designs. 
See Oregon Seals, Louisiana Seals  Of course you have the ordinary simple line circle. In my opinion easy but doesn't have presence the others have
Interior Seal Designs 
Oregon Seals, Texas Seals, Pennsylvania Seals, Georgia Seals give some additional ideas for interior designs that you may care to use in your seal.  Oak leaves and Olive branches are often incorporated in a design for strength and caring symbolism especially in governments.
Ornamental Separators &
Large Single Focal Point 
Printers call these "Dingbats", "Sorts" and sometimes "Bullets". They are found normally in their own font like "Common Bullets", "Zapf Dingbats", ect.  I prefer to display them in a subdued size to separate names from titles and the like.  Small they too could be used for circles, primarily inner circles.  However, some are used as single focal point in a seal like Texas Seals.  These are numbered in case you would like to reference them rather than give a physical description when outlining what you would like in your seal
State Seals
You may need consent of a government body representative to add State Seal to a design. A few forbid and others use freely with the associated government agency.
Choice or lettering for clarity sake should be an open, normal, minimum size 10 point or larger where possible. Times lower case should be avoided and replaced with a style like Century, Bookman, or a book type face if serifs are desired.  Helvetica would be my choice of block lettering. However, the use of other block type faces are quite acceptable if capitals.  Social Faces, scripts, Old English are not recommended for Seals that require clarity.
Seal Construction 
Common Seal Construction outline is similar to this example and used  in this purpose to designate location of lettering and images to be applied. Source of communication if easier than forwarding a completed image or outline. 
   Email picture file to or
Size recommend 1 5/8" or 1 3/4" diameters but other sizes available
Professional Occupation Boards and Commissions
We would be glad to assist, modify or design a professional seal without charge for your approval and specifications.  We would like to visually provide the standard representation of all professional seals to benefit the recipients, assist administration of the profession and other manufacturers of seals.  On line, the seals are available 24/7 for inspection and comparison. Wouldn't it be nice to have one centralized location that is updated so all the interested parties would be able to compare when needed rather than hope the design meets current specifications.

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