Notary Log Books - General Discussion
Two FREE links to help you print your own Notary Log Book with generic layout design
Note: Most states do not require a specific type or layout of a Notary Log Book or perhaps do not even require a record of the transaction at all. However, It is prudent that a notary keep a record of the notary transaction to refer to if the case is ever questioned and we offer two choices to print your own, FREE  It helps as a check list.
Word 6.0 for those that have MS Word application on their computer or their I-Explorer has the run function for Word included.  Netscape Browser will require you to download and open with MS Word or WordPerfect if you have either application on your computer. If you have Word, you are welcome to save to your computer and customize the layout to fit your need.  Should work in WordPerfect application as well.  Click Here for Word 6.0 or higher generic Notary Log 8 1/2 x 11 for notebook.
Web Page with generic Notary Log for notebook 8 1/1 x 11.  Open, set your print margin .5 inch left side and .25 inch top, centers page for me with margin to punch holes for notebook on left side.  Print one copy to see if it satisfactory. If satisfactory print as many as you like.  I plan to maintain this site so you can come back and print more at your pleasure.  Click Here     Instructions on how to print Web Page Click Here
IMPORTANT: There are a couple of states that require a certain type of construction of the Notary Log book.  Check your state notary duties instructions. Should specify that need and if so, you will need to go to a local stationary or office supply store and acquire 

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