Simple Calculate Rubber Stamp Cost / S&H $3.95    NO SALES TAX

Line is 18 Points or less - Larger: divide Size by 18 to get number of lines
: type out on Word Processor will give you the width in inches. 
Fractions go into next size ---   Self Inking Colors: Red, Blue Black

Enter Number of  Lines:  

Total with 
US Shipping

2" Wide Standard Rubber Stamp   $


3" Wide Standard Rubber Stamp   $


4" Wide Standard Rubber Stamp   $


Self Inking cost with number of lines entered


2"x 1" Self-Inking Rubber Stamp$ $
2.5"x 1" Max. Self-Inking Stamp  $ $ ORDER
Note: Square, Rectangle or Circle add two lines to line count for price
Self Inking for Wider than 2.5 inches or Commercial Use:
 Add standard price to one of these Machines: Click Here
Self-Inker Calculations are based on :
Ideal 50, Ideal 100 & Ideal 200.    Cost $7.95 included in above Total

Shipping and handling - $3.95 included in above Total

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