Jerry Anderson
Salem, OR 



Schools Location Study Course Graduate/Years
Jefferson High School Portland, Oregon General Graduated/4
University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon History Major 4 Years
Insurance Institute of America Salem, Oregon Insurance I.I.A. Designation
Computer Seminars Salem, Oregon Microsoft Applications
  Company Address Phone
  Anderson Telekinetic Information Salem, OR 97308 585-2528
  Anderson Graphic Division Salem, OR 97308 585-2528
  Title: Information Technician

Duties: Program/Develop/ App Support


              Graphic Services and Products

  Income 1997: $32,000 Reason for leaving Currently employed
   Anderson Insurance Agency 1210 Center N.E., Salem, OR 97301 364-6643
   Anderson Graphic Division 1210 Center N.E., Salem, OR 97301 364-6643
   Title: Owner Duties: Managed & Serviced Insurance
              Sold & Manufactured Graphic Products
  Income: $20,000+

Reason for leaving Divorce

  Allstate Insurance Company Commercial & Ferry St., Salem, OR n/a
  Title: Underwriter/Sales Agent Supervisor: Don Marshello, Underwriting Sup./
                      Don Rosato, Sales Mgr
  Duties: Accepted & Rejected Insurance Applications /
                Sold & Serviced all lines of Insurance & Services
Salary: Begin Pay: $5,000
            Ending Pay: $10,000
Reason for leaving: Start own Agency
  General Motors Acceptance Corp. Portland, Oregon


  Title: Salem Field Representative Supervisor: Mr. Sargent
  Duties: Dealer Liaison, Wholesale Audits, Financed Contracts, Collections & Repo
  Salary: Begin Pay: $4,000
              Ending Pay: $5,000
Reason for leaving: Opportunity at Allstate
Work Objective: Employment that offers challenging opportunities in all phases of Computer Application Development and Information Technology.

Current Status: I am efficient in Microsoft Product development that will communicate with other applications.  Ability to mix, match and coordinate applications with 16 and 32 Bit operating systems. I am comfortable with multiple Projects. My Business background allows minimal instruction to create intuitive development that results in custom expandable relational user friendly Applications. My graphic background allows designing efficient Reports, Forms, Help Files, Manuals, Tutorials and Training Aids and Web Page Development. I work equally well in an individual or team role. Experienced communicator with Technical Staff and Non-Technical Staff. I have past and current software (listed below), libraries, books and research capabilities available that most sights lack in one respect or another. Have Pentium II, 300 MHz, 128 RAM, 4 Gig Hard Drive CPU, Flatbed Scanner, CD Burner, and compression utilities that favors home office development, field work and application distribution for 16 Bit and/or 32 Bit operating systems. I have experience in large updateable databases to multiple user relational interactive applications for easy electronic transmittals and review. Application experience that encompasses licensing, renewals and control; Project control and reporting; Personnel grading, evaluation and interview; Document distribution and control; Inventory control and reporting; Legal follow-up and agreement controls; Employee and payroll control and reporting; Legal form letter mail merge follow-up and control and even an application for photo machinery that had a DOS platform to be driven by MS Access. I am a student of Rapid Application Development and take pride in developing applications with minimal instruction. Experience in Year 2000 compliance, Modeling, P+ Deliverables, data definitions, evaluations and analysis. Application Samples Available.

Software Skills: Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Office (all versions), Microsoft Access (all versions), MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange, PowerPoint, Front Page (Web Page Development), CorelDraw, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photo Shop, PageMaker, parsing information and SQL, Some familiarity with QuattroPro, dBase, FoxPro, WordPerfect and most spreadsheet applications and mainframe, for information acquisition. I have installed and formatted a variety of software and hardware plus configured their drivers. Familiar with Windows 3.1, Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, NT 4.0 and LAN network.
Barry Anderson   Nona Pool-Goodrich
1247 Keystone Loop NE 1806 N. Highland St.
Keizer, OR 97303 Portland, OR 97217
(503) 304-8497 (503) 285-5675
Oracle Programmer/Developer Housewife