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New Idea: you have Symbol Fonts why not a Signature Font

Rubber Stamp 1" x 2.5 inch includes Sizing $19.95 Standard mount
$  1.50 S&H
$25.90 Self Inking 
$  2.50 S&H

Combo Rubber Stamp self inking and Electronic Signature for Computer Font (TTF) Signature
DXF Signature
JPG Signature

Computer Signature delivered FREE via email
Font or TTF file only

 with Rubber Stamp Signature Order  $15.95
or $10 discount for combo

Both Light and medium weight signature
Most Universal. Used liked any Font like Times or Arial with the stroke of one key and can be any size you choose by  changing the font size without loss of quality.  36 point size will give you near regular signature size. extremely easy to use if you are used to common document application like "Word". Be advised that Photoshop 5.0 did not recognize the font but most applications do. Test the application you will be using the signature in by downloading the sample signature font below, save in your windows font file.

DXF image only

with Rubber Stamp Signature Order $4.95
Vectorized image can be made any size without deterioration in quality but need specialized program like AutoCad to use.

JPG Image only

with Rubber Stamp Signature Order $4.95
You specify Size Either Height or Width. 600dpi
sent via email.  Rastorized image not suitable for resizing but very good in specified size. Versatile in most applications. Note that some apps convert the file like Kinko's to print to a KDF file and treats lettering unsatisfactory, jaggies are very noticeable 

Image Scan 


if unable to scan yourself, you can send the signature to be reproduced and we will scan

Requirements scan the signature at 600dpi and email to
complete simple form click here
.and we will send a credit card invoice via PayPal

Just a note on processing that you may not be aware of and the quality you may expect..

the normal processing is just taking a picture of the provided signature and what turns out is reproduced in a rubber stamp.  If one is to look at a signature especially one with a ball point pen you will find different shades of the color that was used and the indentation on the paper...the eye will perceive a continuous line but the camera will turn the shades of gray and black to either black or white which results in skips, fades and broken signature.  my long years in the business and conversing with customers is that it's irritating if not unprofessional to allow but commonly done.  We used to have the customer use a black felt tip pen to sign but then you end up with a fat ugly signature even though there are no skipped lines.  Our signature stamp often takes a couple of hours to correct/repaint and convert into a satisfactory printable signature by our standards.  We have not received one signature that did not need to be corrected or be repainted to achieve line continuity and the elimination of jaggies that rastorized images produce

We process and correct necessary gray tone balances of the rastorized image in Photoshop and then convert to a vectorized image and eliminate the jaggies that rastorized images inherently have, guaranteeing a continuous flowing signature. Once we have developed a satisfactory resemblance we than convert it to a font file in two weights: Light and Medium weight, JPG signature, a DXF AutoCad Signature or any other format that may be requested.

We converted a signature into a font and used it like any other font.  We are just finishing up a 150 book publishing order where it was required that the person signature was on each of her poems in the book.  Having her signature as a font made the job a snap and versatile by using it in the title as well by just changing the font size.  I know you probably never heard of a signature font but you have symbols in a font file why not a signature font as well. We create signature font in a light face and one in a medium face that is more representative of the actual signature.

What to expect....Try's easy.  Download "Nona1.ttf", save to disc, find and move to windows FONT folder.  (Download Click Here) Open application, select font "Nona1" and type in 1, 2, 3 or 4.  This font has 4 weights we combined under "Nona1" font by assigning the numbers for each font weight and signature.  Want it larger, select and change the font size.

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